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Answering the “how to franchise” question is relatively straightforward. Before we get to that, the starting point is to realize a franchise your business program allows your company to get out of the trenches and become highly-paid generals overseeing your soldiers.

Long-term options are also attractive. Build an empire and relax, or let the franchise company be acquired by an increasing number of large, international companies that are looking for small, but growing U.S. franchise companies to take to the next level. According to the International Franchise Association, 900 new companies have franchised in the last three years.


The first critical step in how to franchise is conducting a feasibility analysis. Is the business model successful? Can it be replicated and taught to others? Are their any underling problems that need to be addressed? Franchising will not solve existing problems; it will only make them worse.


The second step in how to franchise is strategic franchise planning. Especially in the franchise industry, if you don’t plan for success, you set yourself up for failure.This happens frequently with new companies entering the franchise industry. They mistakenly use a franchise consulting firm or franchise attorney without an MBA, where little or no attention is paid to critical strategic planning issues.Creating enduring franchise relationships requires a comprehensive strategy and vision that addresses all aspects of the franchise endeavor.


The third step in how to franchise is developing a franchise operations manual. Written correctly, an operations manual is a daily reference tool, guiding someone unfamiliar with your business through the day-to-day operating procedures. An operations manual is often called the Bible of Operations. Using boilerplate, templates or using a franchise consultant to develop this key document can not only be expensive (consultants charge $ 20,000 to $ 25,000), it also brings another, even more expensive result legal risk. Including inappropriate topics, chapters and policies that are commonly found in company owned, chain operations manuals. If these are included, as they invariably are in franchise operations manuals and template operations manuals, very significant franchise liability issues arise.


The fourth step in how to franchise is drafting a FDD Franchise Disclosure Document. Similar to a securities (stock offering) prospectus, this document should be written, start to finish, by a competent franchise lawyer. The FDD is then registered in those states that require a registration process. Drafting a balanced, fair FDD can save a trip to the courtroom later. Using online or boilerplate FDD template almost certainly means a visit to the courtroom in the near future. As these visits cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and up, they far outweigh the cost of doing it right to begin with.


The fifth step in how to franchise is training the franchise management team in how to operate the new franchise company. When the fourth documentation stepends, momentum gathers with the start of the franchise marketing. This is where the sparks begin to fly as franchises are sold, the new franchise owners are taught and trained, and opening assistance is provided. Its also when most new franchise companies make serious mistakes that haunt them for years or even decades to come.

Resources are often wasted because the new company has not been schooled in the art of selling franchises. Or franchises are sold without carefully screening the would-be franchise owners. As the saying goes, one bad apple can ruin the entire barrel. Even in the best case scenario, marketing mistakes are costly. Some companies spend tens of thousands of dollars on inappropriate marketing and media choices.

Kevin B. Murphy, Mr. Franchise, is a franchise lawyer attorney in San Francisco with a 30-year practice devoted exclusively to franchise law. A franchise lawyer California, holds degrees in business administration and law from the University of San Francisco and an MBA from San Francisco State University. Click this to watch Madden 12 Greatest 4th Qtr. Comeback of the Year ft. Ochocinco Unleashed (Madden NFL 12) Sports! Madden 12 Online Franchise Find Leagues Xbox 360 & Ps3 Ft. Amazing Td’s Ep 1 (Madden NFL 12) Sports Ever wonder how to get everyone to play there games? Can You win? Are you having trouble keeping people in your franchise?This is the best online franchise ever. That’s my claim. Just ask my users who play in it they will tell you. In this video I highlight the first 5 weeks of the year. I play on doing 3 more videos to highlight the year. As well as showing my current week to week franchise on my channel, make sure to check it out. 2:21 for the Best game of the year so far. Patriots vs Chargers. Epic Last second FG FTW including live commentary from that opponent. 8:25 Highlighting my best comeback of the year against the Bills 3 TD’s to Ochocinco Hailmary style all within 1:21 seconds of the last two minutes of the game. And find people to join yours 11:36 21-0 Shutout the Raiders and I tell you some of my rules on how to run an online Franchise Themusic in this video: There is no music in this video DIRECTOR’S CHANNEL: DIRECTOR’S Twitter Directors Google + – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – This Sports video will show you: How to Run an online Franchise How to win last second games How to Do 2 minute drills effectively How to get emotionally involved with
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