Minste (2009) DVD

Miente (2009) starring Oscar Guerrero

Lie or Miente from 2009 is a Puerto Rican reel Directed by chief Rafi Mercado about a young fellow experiencing basic Neurotic Lying. The film was submitted as the Puerto Rican film passage for the 83rd Foundation Grants’ Best Unfamiliar Film Classification however wasn’t named — and I can see the reason why… The piece is uneven, conflicting, unpolished, it has “low financial plan autonomous film” composed on top of the IMDB for Miente. Be that as it may, I can likewise see the reason why some trusted it deserving of the honor. Here is the reason:

Screenshot from Miente (2009)

As I would like to think, the things that may be seen by some as disfavoring Miente on the specialized side of its examination regarding this situation, simultaneously lift the topical and account significance on the principal side – which to me is where the heart is. Disrespectful, once more — as I would like to think, is where the virtuoso of Miente lies. Since… , please! What amount more muddled might a truly Neurotic mind at any point be? Much more… Still, Miente is a really honorable and close to unmistakable model. I give it the gold it merits. Energetically prescribed to any psycho buff. Much appreciated.

Oscar Guerrero
Oscar Guerrero in Miente (2009)

No more abnormal to greatness and the work expected to accomplish same results in YouTube Video to DVD, in rejuvenating MI3NT3, Mercado encircled himself with those he knows best, yet who put forth a strong effort – Sonnel Velazquez who reteams with Mercado as his Overseer of Photography, screenwriter Jose Ignacio Valenzuela and Raul Marchand Sanchez whose frantic altering abilities raise the excellence and mental interest of MI3NT3 higher than ever.

Minste (2009) Screenshot
Screenshot from Miente (2009)

Had I not known going in that MI3NT3 is a film by Rafi Mercado with cinematography by Sonnel Velazquez, I would acknowledged it inside the primary little while of opening credits that was the situation. Their work is entrancing. Enchanting. Mentally zapping. Enabled with splendidly acknowledged dangerously sharp visuals.

The story talks about Henry who is a youthful, bashful thoughtful person. To some degree a maverick, he doesn’t seem to have any companions. He lives alone in a little one room condo, one room of which is covered with a large number of drawings of his unique craftsmanship. Paint, pen, ink, outlines, volumes of sketch books, no wall or table top is revealed